Latest ACT Population Projections

Latest ACT Population Projections

The 2022 ACT population projections cover the period 2022 to 2060. They provide projections of the ACT’s population at the Territory, district (as approximated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) Statistical Area Level 3) and suburb (as approximated by the ABS’ Statistical Area Level 2) levels based on the assumptions described in the attached report.

Projections at the Territory and district level disaggregated by single year age and by sex are available from 2022 to 2060. Similar projections at the suburb level are available for the period 2022 to 2026. The projections incorporate data from Census 2021 which showed that ACT population as at June 2021 was approximately 21,000 persons more than the ABS’ Estimated Resident Population.

ACT Government population projections 2022-2060 PDF 1.1 MB or Word version 1.4 MB

ACT Government population projections 2022-2060 datasheet XLS 1.8 MB

These projections should be considered as indicative and only reflective of information available at the time of modelling. Any changes to the key assumptions are likely to lead to different outcomes.

Population projections are an important component for many aspects of planning, research and policy development, and advice. The ACT’s final district strategies will be updated in the future to reflect these projections. Consultation on the draft district strategies is currently live and can be found here: