Treasury provides strategic advice and delivers services to the ACT Government to help improve the Territory's financial position and economic management.

Treasury plays a leading role to promote accountability and transparency about ACT Government services and resource management to the community. This is achieved by implementing sound financial policies, best management practices, robust analysis and effective input into major change initiatives across the ACT Public Service.


2024-25 ACT Budget

The ACT Government is continuing to invest hundreds of millions on dollars in the growing needs of the ACT community, with more services and targeted assistance.

Increasing housing in the ACT

The ACT Government is continuing to increase housing supply, access, and choice in Canberra, delivering a comprehensive package of housing measures in the 2024-25 ACT Budget.

Tax Reform

Learn more about the ACT Government’s tax reform agenda and what it has achieved since 2012.

ACT Infrastructure Plan

Planning for the future.

Motor Accident Injuries Scheme

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident from 1 February 2020, you will receive fairer, faster and more comprehensive support under the ACT’s new Motor Accident Injuries Scheme.

Annual Report

ACTIA provides insurance protection and risk management advice for the ACT Government.