2023-24 ACT Budget

Andrew Barr

Chief Minister's Message

This Budget is the fourth since the wellbeing framework was released. We continue to strengthen the ties between the framework, our policy development and the budget process. Measuring what matters most and targeting investments to improve our wellbeing.

This is highlighted by the investments we are making in this Budget.

This Budget delivers better healthcare, more housing and cost of living relief to the Canberra community. It continues our record of investment in life-long learning, nation-leading climate action and a safe and welcoming community.

We are investing in the infrastructure needs of the fastest growing jurisdiction in the nation with our largest Infrastructure Investment Program on record. We are ensuring that we are building the hospitals and schools that maintain our standard of living beyond anywhere else in the country.

As more and more people are calling Canberra home – this is supporting a strong local economy. The Territory is at full employment, real wages growth is forecast over the coming years, we are about to deliver our 33rd consecutive year of economic growth and we have achieved our 250,000 jobs target two years early.

The Budget also comes at a time of historically high national and international inflation and continuing global economic uncertainty. We are delivering local solutions to cost of living pressures by introducing new measures and expanding existing ones – including $800 in direct support for 43,000 households.

This Budget reflects the priorities and aspirations of our growing community – the best place in the country to live, to work, to study and to call home.

Andrew Barr
Chief Minister, Treasurer