Infrastructure Finance and Reform

Infrastructure Finance & Reform (IFR) operates out of Treasury within the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD), ACT Government. IFR advises Government on the development of infrastructure projects, including the use of private finance where appropriate, partnering with directorates to ensure that projects provide the required evidence and analysis to justify the funding decisions of Government. It brings together specialist capability in the support of selection, funding, implementation, delivery and life-of-project transaction management of complex and major infrastructure projects.

IFR’s core functions comprise:

The Capital Framework The Capital Framework is a fit-for-purpose tool that helps to ensure that Government investments in infrastructure projects provide maximum public value to the ACT community. It provides practical assistance to directorates and agencies proposing investment projects, and to advisors helping develop business cases for them.

The Capital Framework
The Partnerships Framework – Guidelines for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)The ACT Government is committed to improving the facilitation of infrastructure delivery within the ACT. As an extension of the Capital Framework, the Partnerships Framework – Guidelines for Public Private Partnerships, provides further guidance on the procurement of public infrastructure using complex delivery models that involve the private sector to a greater degree, including Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

The Partnerships Framework – Guidelines for PPPs

The ACT Government has used the PPP delivery model successfully on the Law Courts and the Capital Metro Light Rail – City to Gungahlin projects.

The Partnerships Framework – Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals The Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals provide clear guidance to industry participants and seeks to create a business-friendly environment that will support economic activity.

The ACT Government's process to evaluate Unsolicited Proposals provides a clear, flexible structure to review proposals and assess both public interest and value for money.

The Partnerships Framework – Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals


ACT Courts Facility

Juris Partnership was selected to deliver the Territory’s first Public Private Partnerships (PPP), the new ACT Courts Facility. This project has reached completion and is in the operations phase. The ACT Courts PPP Contract Summary is available:

Light Rail Stage 1

Canberra Metro was selected to deliver the Light Rail Stage 1 project – City to Gungahlin. This project has reached completion and is in the operations phase. The Light Rail Stage 1 – City to Gungahlin Contract Summary, Project Delivery Report and Benefits Realisation Report is available: