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About Treasury

The Treasury Directorate (Treasury) is a central agency of the Government. It provides strategic financial and economic policy advice and services to the ACT Government with the aim of improving the Territory's financial position and economic management.

Treasury plays a leading role in promoting accountability and transparency in the delivery of services to the community and the management of resources. This is achieved through sound financial policies, best management practices, robust analysis, and effective input into major change initiatives across the ACT Public Service.

Treasury's mission is to provide leadership in economic, financial and resource management, and business services across government.

Treasury's aspirations are:

  • to be a primary contributor to a viable, sustainable and financially secure Territory through the sound management of Territory resources;

  • to be a trusted, capable and pre-eminent provider of strategic economic and financial policy advice;

  • to be a first class provider of shared services to government agencies and of taxation revenue management for the community; 

  • to be a facilitator of change to achieve the outcomes sought by the government; and 

  • to be an employer of integrity who values teamwork, develops people, and celebrates achievement. 

ACT Treasury Graduate Program

The ACT Treasury Graduate Program is especially designed to provide opportunities to graduates from a range of disciplines to develop and enhance their public policy development, and economic and financial analysis skills. 

The ACT Treasury Graduate Program runs for 12 months and involves working full time in key public policy roles in the ACT Treasury Directorate.

Successful Treasury Graduates:

  • focus on delivering for their stakeholders;
  • value excellence in their own, and others’, work;
  • exhibit leadership and achieve change;
  • value the expectations of their colleagues;
    including the balancing of work and personal time; and
  • value teamwork and professionalism.

To encourage these outcomes, the ACT Treasury Graduate Program is designed to:

  • enable graduates to integrate effectively, efficiently, and comfortably into the directorate;
  • develop graduates' leadership and professional skills;
  • provide opportunities for graduates to establish useful personal and professional networks both inside and outside of the directorate; and
  • provide opportunities for graduates to, as a group, contribute the social and organisational development of Treasury.
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