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ACT Treasury is an enjoyable place to work. The people are friendly and helpful, and the work is diverse and interesting. During my graduate year I gained experience across multiple areas, working within the Revenue Office and the Policy Coordination and Development Division.

 I found the program to be very flexible, and after demonstrating my interest in the Henry Tax Review my Executive Director arranged for me to work part-time with the Secretariat of the ACT Tax Review. For someone just beginning their career this was a great opportunity that I doubt would be offered in other graduate programs.

James, 2010 Graduate


The ACT Treasury Graduate Program is a fantastic first step in your professional career. In my time working in Investment and Economics Division, I have been involved in the development and implementation of significant policy measures across a broad spectrum of issues. As a central agency, Treasury has an important role to play within ACT Government and this allows you to develop a strong understanding of the processes of Government by being engaged in work directly related to contemporary issues that have a substantial impact on the ACT community.

The graduate program offers excellent training opportunities that allow you to acquire new skills and enhance those skills acquired at university. This is achieved while also allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance and while working in a fun and challenging workplace.

Matthew 2010 Graduate

I work in the Macroeconomic Analysis Unit in the Investment and Economics Division. My major responsibilities include economic and revenue forecasting for the ACT Budget, monitoring and reporting on the state of the ACT economy, modelling the ACT economy and leading economic and industrial research. 

I enjoy working in ACT Treasury where the working environment is friendly, respectful and supportive. It is a unique workplace where you get exposure to various types of work and develop your skills. ACT Treasury also provides study assistance for my part-time Master of Economic Policy study with the Australian National University.

Dan, 2009 Graduate

The ACT Treasury Graduate Program is a unique and interesting entry point into the workforce.  Working for ACT Treasury has been an engaging and challenging experience.   I have had the opportunity to work in a highly professional and adept environment on a range of issues.

The Program offers the chance to develop a robust understanding of the processes and role of the Department, while working in a particular branch over the course of the year.  As part of the Policy Coordination and Development branch I have been exposed to an array of issues relating, but not limited to, economic, social and environmental policy. 

The scope of the Graduate role provides the chance to engage in work that relates to contemporary issues that have a tangible impact on functioning of the Territory. In this regard, working in the ACT Public Service and in particular, for Treasury has been deeply rewarding and an experience that I highly recommend.

Nutan, 2009 Graduate

I work in the Policy and Legislation area in the Revenue Management Division of the ACT Treasury.  My area is responsible for providing policy advice on ACT taxation matters, and for the development and amendment of the ACT's taxation legislation.

 Aside from the challenging taxation issues that I regularly work on, I enjoy working in the ACT Treasury because of its people.  During my Graduate year, I was presented with many unique opportunities to develop my skills under the guidance of some fascinating people.  Working closely with people such as the Commissioner for ACT Revenue has been a thoroughly enriching experience.

Frank, 2008 Graduate

One of the best features of living in Canberra is meeting all the many other graduates who are not originally from Canberra. Having a network of friends who are also new and struggling to adjust makes the relocating experience all the more memorable.

Aik, 2007 Graduate


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