Moving to Canberra

One of the best features of living in Canberra is meeting all the many other graduates who are not originally from Canberra. Having a network of friends who are also new and struggling to adjust makes the relocating experience all the more memorable"
Aik — Graduate 2007
Bachelor of Business (International Business), University of South Australia
Policy Analyst 

What does Canberra have to offer?

There is much more to Canberra than politics and the public service.  Quite apart from the work opportunities, Canberra offers a lifestyle that is hard to beat.  

The natural surroundings justify its title as one of the best places in Australia for outdoor activities and as the best place in Australia for cycling.  

There are also great opportunities for shopping, dining out and nightlife, and a host of events and sites to visit.

Do I have to live in Canberra already?

No.  Reasonable relocation expenses will be paid if you are coming from interstate.  For interstate applicants Treasury will assist you in relocating to Canberra.  Treasury will arrange:

  • reasonable travel and relocation expenses within Australia for you, and, if applicable, your domestic partner and dependants;
  • temporary storage of your personal belongings based on a once-only uplift and, if applicable, your domestic partner’s personal belongings; and
  • temporary accommodation upon your arrival in Canberra for a period of up to 6 weeks to enable you to arrange your own permanent accommodation.

More information on living in Canberra

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