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Treasury is a central agency of the Government. It provides strategic financial and economic policy advice and services to the ACT Government with the aim of improving the Territory's financial position and economic management.

Treasury plays a leading role in promoting accountability and transparency in the delivery of services to the community and the management of resources. This is achieved through sound financial policies, best management practices, robust analysis, and effective input into major change initiatives across the ACT Public Service.

Treasury's mission is to inform ACT Government decisions by providing the best advice and implementing those decisions to achieve the highest benefit for our community through the effective and efficient allocation and utilisation of Territory resources.

We aim to ensure that the ACT will be financially and economically viable to provide for the Territory's sustainable growth and development and the well-being of its people. This is achieved by:

  • providing policy and strategic advice to the Treasurer and the Government;
  • developing the Government's budget;
  • ensuring that the economic interests of the ACT and its residents are protected and maximised;
  • ensuring sound intergovernmental financial relations;
  • providing and maintaining the financial management framework;
  • collecting tax revenue;
  • managing the investment and borrowing activities of the ACT Government; and
  • managing superannuation liabilities and investments.

In addition to its traditional treasury functions, the Treasury provides a number of key
cross-government services through:

  • InTACT, the ACT Government's IT infrastructure services provider;
  • ACT Procurement Solutions, the ACT Government's provider for tendering services, risk management, and infrastructure procurement services; and
  • other specialist agencies within the Treasury portfolio including the Gambling and Racing Commission and the Land Development Agency.

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Department of Treasury Organisational Structure

Under Treasurer's Office and Executive Unit

Finance and Budget Division

- Budget Strategy and Reporting
- Budget Management and Analysis
- Accounting
- Project Management

Investment and Economics Division

Policy Co-ordination and Development Division 

Revenue Management Division

Shared Services

- InTACT External Link
- ACT Procurement Solutions

ACT Government Procurement Board

View the Department of Treasury Organisational Chart [41 KB]

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Freedom of Information Coordinators:

Please contact the FOI Coordinator to discuss whether the information you are seeking can be provided outside of the Freedom of Information Act.

Merrilyn Sernack

Phone:  +61 2 6207 0280
Fax:  +61 2 6207 0304

Dorena Morris

Phone:  +61 2 6205 0623
Fax:  +61 2 6207 0304

Mail Address:

ACT Department of Treasury
GPO Box 158
Canberra  ACT  2601

Location:  Canberra Nara Centre
Cnr Constitution Avenue and London Circuit
Canberra City

Telephone:  13 2281 (Aus)  +61 132281 (International)
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ACT Government Contacts & Services

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Change My Address External Link - eMove (formerly Change my Address) is a free, online service for anyone moving home that will save you time, money and hassle by informing the ACT Government of your change of address details.  It has been designed for citizens to easily notify a range of Government and non-government organisations when relocating within the ACT or coming from or moving interstate.

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