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Australian Capital Territory Budget 2012-13 Graphic

Australian Capital Territory Budget 2012-13

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Budget Paper 3: Budget Overview

Publication Title File Download
Budget Paper 3 6.38MB
Structure of the ACT Government 119KB 108KB
Chapter 1 - Fiscal Strategy
1.1 Budget Outlook 122KB 160KB
1.2 Fiscal Strategy – Financial Objectives and Key Measures 139KB 116KB
1.3 The Budget Plan Update 112KB 166KB
1.4 Taxation Reform 73KB 79KB
1.5 Cost of Living 73KB 73KB
1.6 2012-13 Budget Savings 113KB 90KB
Chapter 2 - Budget and Financial Projections
2.1 Budget and Financial Projections 101KB 74KB
2.2 Summary of Movements from the 2011-12 Budget 142KB 147KB
2.3 Summary of Major Risks 95KB 69KB
Chapter 3 - Taxation Reform
3.1 ACT Taxation Review 93KB 90KB
3.2 2012-13 Taxation Reform 168KB 162KB
Chapter 4 - Cost of Living
4.1 Cost of Living Statement 197KB 185KB
Chapter 5 - Revenue and Forward Estimates
5.1 Revenue and Forward Estimates 292KB 385KB
Chapter 6 - Expenditure
6.1 Expenses and Forward Estimates 138KB 94KB
6.2 Expenditure Initiatives 502KB 620KB
6.3 Savings Initiatives 153KB 175KB
Chapter 7 - Infrastructure
7.1 2012-13 Infrastructure Investment Program 134KB 118KB
7.2 Supporting Land Supply and Land Release 124KB 119KB
7.3 The Territory’s Infrastructure 118KB 158KB
7.4 2012-13 Capital Initiatives 610KB 882KB
7.5 2012-13 Capital Works Program 345KB 565KB
Chapter 8 - Assets and Liabilities
8.1 Investments 145KB 148KB
8.2 Government Borrowings and Gross Debt 107KB 99KB
8.3 Superannuation 153KB 155KB
Chapter 9 - Economic Overview
9.1 Economic Conditions 156KB 332KB
9.2 Federal Financial Relations 307KB 414KB
Chapter 10 - A Sustainable Territory
10.1 A Sustainable Territory 168KB 116KB
A - Budget Consultation (Submission Acknowledgement) 84KB 42KB
B - Statement of Sensitivity on Budget Estimates 120KB 105KB
C - Statement of Risk 105KB 91KB
D - Classification of ACT Entities 101KB 114KB
E - Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2012-13 45KB 44KB 101KB
F - Appropriation Bill 2012-13 76KB 149KB
G - 2012-13 GFS/GAAP Harmonised Financial Statements 643KB 1.18MB
H - Glossary and Abbreviations 210KB 202KB