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Revenue Management

The Division is responsible for providing advice on revenue and taxation policy; management of the Territory's taxation base including the development of revenue and taxation legislation; compliance activities; debt management; administering the Territory's rates and land tax including valuations, remissions and rebates (pensioners); administering First Home Owner Grants in the ACT; mortgage relief; and administering the Home Loan Portfolio.

The Commissioner for ACT Revenue is a statutory position appointed, under the Taxation Administration Act 1999, by the Treasurer.

Commissioner for ACT Revenue: Kim Salisbury
Phone: +61 2 6207 0010
Email kim.salisbury@act.gov.au
Website: www.revenue.act.gov.au



This section is responsible for maintaining and enforcing compliance with all ACT tax legislation.

Manager: Cheryl Olley
Phone: +61 2 6207 0103
Email: cheryl.olley@act.gov.auBack to the top of the page ^

Policy, Legislation and Objections

This section is responsible for policy advice on ACT tax legislation and prepares amendments to legislation.  An independent sub-unit deals with all objections for assessments and decisions and any subsequent merits review.

Manager: Brett Monger
Phone: +61 2 6207 0293
Email: brett.monger@act.gov.auBack to the top of the page ^

Advice and Assessments

This section is responsible for the operation of the Customer Service Centre, administers and provides advice relating to ACT taxes, tax laws and first home owner grants.

A/g Manager: Faye Wills
Phone: +61 2 6207 0016
Email: faye.wills@act.gov.au

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Finance, Reporting and Projects

This section provides financial management and reporting services as well as administering the Home Loan Portfolio on behalf of the ACT Commission for Housing.

Phone: +61 2 6205 0578
Email:  Back to the top of the page ^

Revenue Accounts

This section administers and maintains revenue accounts including rates, land tax, payroll tax and all return taxes. In addition, this section administers the debt recovery function for all revenue matters.

Manager: Angel Marina
Phone: +61 2 6207 0063
Email: angel.marina@act.gov.auBack to the top of the page ^


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